Conceptualize strategies based on
product planning and diligent marketing research.

Introduce a plan and production
that incorporates marketing research.

We will intensively research the strengths and weaknesses of current production from the clients perspective, the market needs, and the tastes desired by the target. We will propose effective plans and designs substantiated by reliable data.

Enhance package designs from
product planning and branding.

Focusing on the future aspired to by the client, we will comprehensively support brand building from the outset. From concept formulations to logo visual designs and naming, we will cover the entire process related to branding.

Printing x Planning
Strengthening plans while able to
modify during the post process

Produced by a designer that has mastered printing knowledge from the characteristics of paper to special processing, smooth production processes are possible. We will also undertake production, including post processes, such as construction and assembly of three-dimensional objects like packaging and furniture.


Exceptional level of creativity to achieve
your endeavors.

A production structure
that can incorporate ideas
from directions, designers and writers.

We employ numerous creators, including experienced directors and designers and writers with diverse individual skills. We have been successful in a wide variety of work, from creating illustrations and copywriting to expanding to the Web.

Photo retouching that
fully understands the nature of color
representation during printing.

We employ numerous exclusive operators that have a thorough knowledge of the minute changes in color resulting from the printing machine or the paper's characteristics. Realizing the ideal color representation with advanced skills and response capabilities, we are highly rated from the food and apparel industries, which demand high standards.

Editing and data processing
capabilities by using automatic
typesetting with the latest applications.

We are making efforts for greater operational efficiency, including the use of automatic typesetting and digital plate inspection systems. Through the fusion of the operator's skills and the latest software, we can achieve faster and more accurate data production.


We are conscious of mother nature in every process, from the paper to the ink, and even our printing machines.

Friendly to the environment
with materials and printing methods.
(FSC, non-VOC, waterless printing)

The paper is FSC-accredited paper made from wood from properly managed forests, and the ink is non-VOC ink that does not include VOC that is harmful to the human body and the environment. Furthermore, the printing method is waterless printing, which does not use any developing fluid or dampening solution that generates a large amount of effluent. All processes include an environmentally friendly approach.

The CO2 emitted is cancelled
through carbon offsetting.

We promote the activity of making visible the CO2 emitted from producing printing matter and canceling (=offsetting) the emissions by investing in environmental practices.

Awarded for environmental excellence
for our plant in the printing industry.

The Haneda Tokyo Plant was appraised for equipment specializing in environmentally friendly printing, acquiring various certifications, and the achievement of zero emissions through 100% recycling of the plant's waste, and was awarded the top award, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, at the 10th Printing Industry Environmental Excellence Plant Awards.


Quality is ensured by the combination of our people and machinery.

Using the latest printing equipment
and systems for brilliant quality.

Including a high-resolution on-demand machine that manages both quality and low cost and the world's first LED-UV machine, we have adopted the most cutting-edge printing equipment domestically and internationally. Speed and quality through new technology is one of our strengths.

Quality inspection to safe-guard
mistakes and losses
for all products in-line.

Two 4096bit cameras installed in the LED-UV machine inspect all printed products on the production line. Never overlooking minute changes, such as fluctuations in printing density, blemishes, extraneous matter, the delivery of defective products is completely prevented.

The quality of products that is
cultivated by years of experience
from the hands of craftsmen.

Since our founding in 1959, we have established ourselves with our high quality and response capabilities as our clients' partner in manufacturing. Today, having expanded bases nationwide, we are highly appraised by clients who have strict quality demands.


Through printing and production, we aim to become the bridge connecting Japan to the world.

Manufacturing that connects
Japan to every corner of the world.

With the acceleration of global business expansion, we also have experience with overseas promotional materials of Japanese companies and promotional materials of foreign companies for expansion in Japan. We propose manufacturing standards that match the language and needs of each country.

Production of public relations
products in multiple languages
to promote Japan.

With the increase in foreign tourists in Japan, there is a need for printed material in multiple languages. Through close cooperation with a translation agency, we have experience creating products in the main languages of each country, including English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Arabic, and others.

Embark with a new business category
of developing new inbound products.

Making use of our printing technology and designing capabilities, we are developing original inbound products. We are giving shape to ideas that surpass the boundaries of the printing industry, such as three-dimensional objects and games.