Visual Identity(VI)

Visual identity (VI) is indispensable in all forms of visual communication, such as websites, billboards, and company vehicles, as well as printed matter such as business cards, envelopes, and company brochures. SNP listens carefully to the needs and vision of our customers before designing their emblem and logo. We create a VI manuals for the visual image of the company and its brand to facilitate the corporate identity and for the penetration into the market.

Character design

Mascots help to create an image for a company, brand, or product while serving as a pipeline that connects the company to its customers. Over the years, mascots representing local regions have achieved prominent success in their promotional activities, and this has reaffirmed and deepened the significance use of such characters.



The standard wall calendar and desk calendar allows the user to write their schedules or quick memos. However, we offer original designs to our customers by paying close attention to the material we used and shape, to develop a “greater originality” that differentiates from other companies.

Paper fans

The typical hand fan is merely pasted paper on a recyclable plastic handle, however, we can make the typical fan untypical by producing fully original fans of non-standard shapes. These serve as effective announcement tools for opening ceremonies and for summer events.

Clear folders, etc.


Paper boxes

Paper boxes are the most common type of packaging used today, and can be found in various forms in our daily lives. Of course, they serve the role of protecting the contents that they hold, but also enhance the appeal of the product, thereby increasing the customer’s intention to purchase.

Paper bags / Wrapping paper

Alongside the development of the paper culture, paper bags have also evolved in unique and vibrant ways. It is unimaginable not to see a paper bag on a daily outing. Paper bags serve as publicity by simply having your customers go about their day, and serves as an essential branding tool for companies.
Product label stickers, etc.


Paper fixtures

Display Fixtures are indispensable for displaying products and catalogs. From the perspective of eco-friendliness, there has been a growing trend for the need of recyclable paper fixtures. Paper fixtures are simple to assemble and lightweight to make it possible to reduce transportation costs. Furthermore, they are easy to print on, cut and process with endless options when it comes to design. This enhances their appearance when place on any horizontal surface.


POP is the medium of choice for promoting sales and customer awareness. There are a wide variety of POPs, such as tabletop POP, counter POP, panel POP, hanging POP, and swing POP. In addition to printing and processing of POPs, SNP also offers services from the planning and design of the POP to the design of product packaging, while matching the characteristic of your product, the retail space and reaching your target for point of sale decisions.



According to a survey conducted by the Japan Direct Mail Association, 16.2% of all DM readers reacts in some form. DM that arrives at the perfect time, not only contributes significantly to attracting new and existing customers, but also causes a cross-media effect through word-of-mouth and Internet searches. Regardless of the industry, this medium can successfully improve sales and profit. In case of variable printing, customers will also be able to experience speedy delivery of addresses printed with a positive allure effect.

Commemorative magazine

When you wish to pass down your achievements to future generations, such as a company’s history or a school commemorative magazine. We will select the ideal material and process to safeguard these achievements for long-term storage. If you wish to keep your cost low and produce with a small amount, we will use on-demand printing. We listen carefully to the needs of our customers to create a thoughtful commemorative magazine.

Newspaper inserts, posters, leaflets, flyers, etc.



First and foremost, let us know your needs. Do you wish to produce a new website? Create a smartphone site? Use a responsive web design to create your website? We in SNP will act in response to our customer’s needs in areas such as: image design, content configuration, CMS, and so forth.

Electronic books (Digital catalogs)

Using printing data, we can produce electronic books (digital catalogs). It is achievable to direct customers to your website by pasting the link into a digital catalog, such as a catalog or leaflet. Adding to that, we can also provide services that are compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones.