SNP has given careful thought to printing in the new era, and promotes environmentally friendly printing that gives consideration to the Earth’s environment in all aspects, from printing method to ink and paper, in order to contribute to reducing the burden on the environment.

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Basic Principles

SNP will establish, execute, and ensure the continued implementation of the environmental management system as part of its efforts to protect the environment and achieve harmonious coexistence with the local community.


  1. To comply with laws and regulations of the state and local governments, put in place initiatives to protect the environment, continuously improve the environmental management system, and prevent environmental pollution.
  2. To understand the internal environment in addition to the Earth’s environment in a broad definition of “environment,” and to actively adopt systems and facilities that can protect the health and safety of employees.
  3. To view threats to nature as an aspect of the environment, and put in place measures in preparation against all natural disasters.
  4. To consider the impact of the printing processes on the environment, promote digitalization to reduce environmental burden, and to consider the use of environmentally friendly materials.
  5. To strive for the reduction of emissions generated in the printing processes, the implementation of energy saving in the office, and recycling of resources for the purpose of achieving the effective use of resources.

Range of application

  • Takamatsu Head Office / Takamatsu Head Office Plant
  • Tokyo Branch(CCS INC.)
  • Haneda Tokyo Plant

July 21, 2018
Asami Sano
Shinnihon Printing Inc.


SNP strives to contribute to the local community through sponsorship of local events and promotion of sports, such as providing support and cooperation to local sports teams.


SNP co-sponsors “Setouchi Art Triennale 2019”.

Experience the combination of the weaving beauty of nature and art at Setouchi ocean.

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Sponsor of the Kagawa Icefellows Club

SNP is the official sponsor of the Kagawa Icefellows Club, an ice hockey team of which three of its employees are also members. SNP will continue to give its full support to the Kagawa Icefellows going forward.

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Official sponsor of Kamatamare Sanuki

SNP supports the J3 soccer team Kamatamare Sanuki as its official sponsor.

Official website of Kamatamare Sanuki▸▸


Silver Sponsor of the Kagawa Five Arrows

SNP supports the basketball team Kagawa Five Arrows as its official Silver Sponsor.

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Cosponsor of the Sunport Takamatsu Triathlon

SNP is a cosponsor of the Sunport Takamatsu Triathlon.
Our company annually participate in the relay and including winning in 2014 with breaking a record in this exciting competition.

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Accepting interns

With the aim of arming students with a strong working attitude, SNP promotes internships in cooperation with government ministries such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
SNP also implements an internship program, providing students with workplace experience opportunities.