The founder and his family of SNP has a deep love for nature while co-existing to cherish those moments. When it comes to our activities, we strongly hope to leave the rich and beautiful world for ours future’s future without polluting the earth furthermore. This undertaking requires our committed to protect the environment and the health of our employees by having a high quality of sustainability, having vast knowledge and offering the most ideal solution in the world, and continuing to invest in cutting edge technology in the forefront of the industry.

Today, we are concerned that if mass consumption continues, resources will be depleted over time, impairs the natural balance of the environment, and will left a scar on the future of humanity and the global. We cannot wholeheartedly value the success of our business if it comes at the expense of your future. It will be senseless for us to go forward without having a better tomorrow.

We aim to enrich people’s lives while protecting the beauty of nature and the environment through our manufacturing process that delivers sound quality. In this modern age, there’s an overwhelming overflow of information. This is why, SNP is committed to create “creative and timeless moments” to resonate with people who received our products.

It is not a business model that only pursues quantity, but it is a combination of the pursuit of quality and a business growth that is considered to be incompatible in the industry.

We choose to believe in making a positive contribution to society while aiming to grow for a brighter future.


We enrich people’s lives at each moment by delivering high-quality practices while flourishing at every step.


  1. Continue in choosing technology and be mindful of our actions that do not poison the earth.
  2. Pursue high quality through fine quality manufacturing.
  3. Keep refining the creativeness that inspires timeless and everlasting impressions.
  4. Contributing to the customer’s business that shares our core values.
  5. Encourage employees as an individual and support the growth of each and every one.
  6. Always seek the best, and continue to challenge while innovating.


Environmental problems associated with the corporate activities of a growing society have become a global issue. If we continue to damage the environment, what will happen to our planet and our lives? Our mission to protect the environment, and our future, has been at the heart of SNP since our foundation.

In order to protect the natural environment through our sustainable business, in 2006, we started operating the Haneda Tokyo Plant to be fully compliant with “green printing” that adopts an environmentally-friendly printing method at a recycle rate of 100%. In 2011, we received the “10th Printing Industry Environmental Excellence Factory Award.”, the highest honor that the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry awards in this field. In addition, we have always selected technologies and actions that do not pollute the earth, such as receiving the highest award in Japan as the company that contributed to the greatest CO2 reduction amount at the “Committee for Commemorative Company for Achieving 6,000 tons of Carbon Offset” by the Japan WPA (Japan Waterless Printing Association), as well as our registration to “Clear Sky Supporter,” which is air quality improvement promotion project of Tokyo metropolitan government, and the establishment of BCP (Business Continuity Plan) links 4 business locations across Japan, keeping data and production infrastructure operational in the event of natural disasters.

We took quick actions within the industry because we truly believe that contributing to a natural environment by expanding our involvement in society through our business will make the world a better place. To make it happen we keep a global perspective observing trends not only in Japan, but also overseas. Looking ahead to a prosperous future on a global scale, we continue to focus on global production that connects the world, including the overseas development of Japanese companies and the domestic development of foreign companies.

By encouraging people to choose ecological actions through our business, we believe to help preserving natural environment. SNP will continue to pursue sustainable and excellent production while providing intrinsic value.


Creating the highest possible quality is the core pride of SNP. Our pursuit of excellence has reached the highest quality standard in the industry.
At SNP “quality” refers to not only the quality of products, but also the quality of environmental conservation efforts, the quality of creative work, the quality of employees, and the quality of the social impact caused by products and services. To pursue excellent production, we believe that what we choose should also be “excellent.” In addition to our production, we have sought to achieve excellence in everything from the land where we do business and our own buildings, to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, the labor environment, training systems, and social contribution activities.

We believe that we can bring about a prosperous future not only to the natural environment, but also to the daily lives of people by expanding “excellent” values. Since it is not easy to realize such a wonderful world by ourselves, we seek solid partnerships with customers who understand and share the same values. This is because we believe that together we can co-create innovations with our customers’ businesses, and that there is unlimited potential for creating a better society while continuing to grow.

That is why we have thoroughly cultivated such a firm foundation of excellent production for many years to come. As a leading company in the industry that cares deeply about the environment, we have not only implemented measures to increase the value of our customers’ environmental efforts, but also created a system to quickly develop all aspects of marketing, market development and brand-building; including planning, promotion, events, creative design, production of packaging and sales promotional materials. We have also created a system that enables us to be more open to the world’s diverse possibilities.

Together with our partners, we will continue creating a sustainable and prosperous future based on excellence and delivered at the highest quality.