The founder and his family of SNP has a deep love for nature while co-existing to cherish those moments. When it comes to our activities, we strongly hope to leave the rich and beautiful world for ours future’s future without polluting the earth furthermore. This undertaking requires our committed to protect the environment and the health of our employees by having a high quality of sustainability, having vast knowledge and offering the most ideal solution in the world, and continuing to invest in cutting edge technology in the forefront of the industry.

Today, we are concerned that if mass consumption continues, resources will be depleted over time, impairs the natural balance of the environment, and will left a scar on the future of humanity and the global. We cannot wholeheartedly value the success of our business if it comes at the expense of your future. It will be senseless for us to go forward without having a better tomorrow.

We aim to enrich people’s lives while protecting the beauty of nature and the environment through our manufacturing process that delivers sound quality. In this modern age, there’s an overwhelming overflow of information. This is why, SNP is committed to create “creative and timeless moments” to resonate with people who received our products.

It is not a business model that only pursues quantity, but it is a combination of the pursuit of quality and a business growth that is considered to be incompatible in the industry.

We choose to believe in making a positive contribution to society while aiming to grow for a brighter future.


We enrich people’s lives at each moment by delivering high-quality practices while flourishing at every step.