Using the latest printing equipmentand systems for brilliant quality.

Including a high-resolution on-demand machine that manages both quality and low cost and the world’s first LED-UV machine, we have adopted the most cutting-edge printing equipment domestically and internationally. Speed and quality through new technology is one of our strengths.

Quality inspection to safe-guard mistakes and losses for all products in-line.

Two 4096bit cameras installed in the LED-UV machine inspect all printed products on the production line. Never overlooking minute changes, such as fluctuations in printing density, blemishes, extraneous matter, the delivery of defective products is completely prevented.

The quality of products that is cultivated by years of experience from the hands of craftsmen.

Since our founding in 1959, we have established ourselves with our high quality and response capabilities as our clients’ partner in manufacturing. Today, having expanded bases nationwide, we are highly appraised by clients who have strict quality demands.