SNP is highly skilled at creating delicate and colorful expressions in print, such as gift boxes.

UV printing is a printing method that involves irradiating ultraviolet light onto UV ink and hardening (drying) it instantly. In addition to normal paper, it also enables printing on materials that ink does not dry quickly on, such as aluminum metallized paper and PP. It is also possible to achieve colorful expressions through the use of varnishing.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is an indispensable printing method in packaging printing, where appearance plays an important role.

Superb print quality.
We take pride in the beauty of our finish.

Third-generation LED-UV printing offers enhanced UV hardening performance and ultra high-speed drying. Hence, it does not require dry-down, or the powder that is used to prevent pieces of printed matter from sticking to one another. It has also successfully achieved the practical application of color management.
It is able to provide a stable supply of high-quality printed matter with a finish that is more beautiful than before.
In addition, it is equipped with quality inspection equipment that picks out each individual sheet of printed matter that has dust on it, or which has color tone changes. In principle, it is able to eliminate defects.

Highly versatile,
from thin to thick paper

The third-generation LED-UV printing system adopted by SNP is capable of printing at high speeds, from paper as thin as 0.03 mm to paper as thick as 1 mm. Other than packaging materials, it can also provide high-quality printed matter such as sales promotion POP and displays.