SNP specializes in delicate and diverse printed expressions, for instance a cosmetic box.

Owning to 3rd generation LED-UV printing that was introduced by SNP, printing from paper that has a thickness of 0.03mm to the thickness of 1mm has become possible. In addition to packaging, it is practicable to provide high-quality printed materials, such as promotional POPs and displays with complete services for planning to design and to final printing.

3rd generation LED-UV printing

UV printing is one of the printing methods in which UV ink is irradiated with ultraviolet rays for instant curing (drying). Not only paper, but with the capability of printing onto other materials such as aluminum vapor-deposited paper and PP, and various expressions can be made by varnishing. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the most indispensable printing method for package printing on the market, where appearance is noteworthy.
SNP introduced the world’s first “3rd generation LED-UV printing”, which has evolved significantly from such other methods like UV printing. 3rd generation LED-UV printing not only suppresses heat generation and power consumption when comparing to conventional UV printing, but also eliminates the need for dedicated ink, where the benefit is greatly reducing environmental impact and cost. Printing method. It excels in “quality”, “environmental performance”, “productivity”, and responds well to customer’s standards who are particularly about “quality”.

High print quality. We are proud by the beauty of the finish.

The 3rd generation LED-UV printing has further improved UV curing capability and realized ultra-fast drying to eliminated dry-down and the need for powder that is used to prevent adhesion between printed materials while color management is put into practical use. It has become possible to secure the supply of high-quality printed materials that are more beautiful than ever before. In addition, it’s equipped with a quality inspection device, which removes dust particles and color changes to ensure the removal of any defects from each printing one by one.