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[Telephone numbers for inquiries]
■Takamatsu Head Office: 087-831-8161 (Main line)
■Tokyo Branch: 03-3543-6000 (Main line)
■Osaka Branch: 06-6262-6555 (Main line)
■Okayama Office: 086-235-1888 (Main line)
■Haneda Tokyo Plant: 03-5753-6000 (Main line)

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About gathering the personal information

<Agreement for the Direct Acquisition and Use of Personal Information>

1.Personal Information Protection Manager

  • Affiliation: Head Office, Shinnihon Printing Inc.
  • Name: Yasuhiro Hiura
  • Address: 2158, Kitacho 4-ku, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
  • Tel: 087-831-8161
  • Fax: 087-862-6901

2.Purposes for using personal information

  • To respond to inquiries

3.Items acquired and used (contents)

  • Company name, name of individual, telephone number, e-mail address, address (prefecture)