We provide a one-stop service from the upstream process of conceptualizing branding and marketing, to high-quality creative, production, and manufacturing, as well as product and service development and promotion. In addition, we will always provide effective solutions through repeated evaluation, further strategy development and implementation.



We can help you turn your efforts to address environmental issues into corporate value, including environmental printing and planning promotions to promote your environmental activities.


We provide full support for building brands from the very beginning, including concept development, logo and visual design, and naming.


We conduct thorough research on the client’s positioning, current strengths and weaknesses, as well as target market needs and preferences.


We offer services for global business, such as overseas sales promotion and domestic expansion of overseas companies.


FSC® forest certification contributes to the enhancement of corporate environmental values. We support FSC® labeling of products, host seminars to better understand FSC®, and also offer guidance through the Chain of Custody certification.



Our creatives are experienced with a wide range of projects, including graphic design, illustration, copywriting, and web design.


Our skilled technicians achieve the ideal color representation and are highly regarded by all industries that demand high standards.


We create accurate data production by integrating the latest technology, including automatic typesetting and digital plate inspection systems.


We can design and produce samples of uniquely-shaped printed matter, packages and fixtures at low cost by using a cutting plotter that does not require die-cutting.


We offer a wide range of services, from offset printing for large print runs to high-definition on-demand printing that allows you to print only what you need, when you need it.


We storyboard, create and produce animations and videos that are more appealing on the web and at events. We can also propose strategies for coordination with complementary printed materials.



Visual Identity(VI)

Visual identity (VI) is indispensable in all forms of visual communication, such as websites, billboards, and company vehicles, as well as printed matter such as business cards, envelopes, and company brochures. SNP listens carefully to the needs and vision of our customers before designing their emblem and logo. We create a VI manuals for the visual image of the company and its brand to facilitate the corporate identity and for the penetration into the market.

Character design

Mascots help to create an image for a company, brand, or product while serving as a pipeline that connects the company to its customers. Over the years, mascots representing local regions have achieved prominent success in their promotional activities, and this has reaffirmed and deepened the significance use of such characters.


According to a survey conducted by the Japan Direct Mail Association, 16.2% of all DM readers reacts in some form. DM that arrives at the perfect time, not only contributes significantly to attracting new and existing customers, but also causes a cross-media effect through word-of-mouth and Internet searches. Regardless of the industry, this medium can successfully improve sales and profit. In case of variable printing, customers will also be able to experience speedy delivery of addresses printed with a positive allure effect.

Commemorative magazine

When you wish to pass down your achievements to future generations, such as a company’s history or a school commemorative magazine. We will select the ideal material and process to safeguard these achievements for long-term storage. If you wish to keep your cost low and produce with a small amount, we will use on-demand printing. We listen carefully to the needs of our customers to create a thoughtful commemorative magazine.

Newspaper inserts, posters, leaflets, flyers, etc.


Paper boxes / Paper bags / Wrapping paper

From luxury brands to general distribution products, we offer packaging and visual merchandising with optimal display shapes and reliable quality.



First and foremost, let us know your needs. Do you wish to produce a new website? Create a smartphone site? Use a responsive web design to create your website? We in SNP will act in response to our customer’s needs in areas such as: image design, content configuration, CMS, and so forth.

Electronic books (Digital catalogs)

Using printing data, we can produce electronic books (digital catalogs). It is achievable to direct customers to your website by pasting the link into a digital catalog, such as a catalog or leaflet. Adding to that, we can also provide services that are compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones.


Exhibition Booths

We plan, design and produce company booths for events and exhibitions. In addition, we offer a complete solution that is optimal for your purpose and application, such as tools developed in the booth, novelties, displays, and videos.

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising are indispensable for displaying products and catalogs. From the perspective of eco-friendliness, there has been a growing trend for the need of recyclable paper fixtures. Paper fixtures are simple to assemble and lightweight to make it possible to reduce transportation costs. Furthermore, they are easy to print on, cut and process with endless options when it comes to design. This enhances their appearance when place on any horizontal surface.


POP is the medium of choice for promoting sales and customer awareness. There are a wide variety of POPs, such as tabletop POP, counter POP, panel POP, hanging POP, and swing POP. In addition to printing and processing of POPs, SNP also offers services from the planning and design of the POP to the design of product packaging, while matching the characteristic of your product, the retail space and reaching your target for point of sale decisions.