We support environmental printing and other environmental initiatives with a corporate value. In addition to printing materials such as CSR reports, we are able to formulate strategies to strengthen and specialize for environmental activities, such as events and promotions that effectively promote environmental activities.


We can handle a wide range services, from large-lot offset printing to high-definition on-demand printing, where we can handle high to low volume printing orders by your request. In addition, we accept production including post processing, such as the structure and the assembly of three-dimensional objects, packages and fixtures.


Focusing on the future aspired to by the client, we will comprehensively support brand building from the outset. From concept formulations to logo visual designs and naming, we will cover the entire process related to branding.


We will intensively research the strengths and weaknesses of current production from the clients perspective, the market needs, and the tastes desired by the target. We will propose effective plans and designs substantiated by reliable data.


We employ numerous creators, including experienced directors and designers and writers with diverse individual skills. We have been successful in a wide variety of work, from creating illustrations and copywriting to expanding to the Web.


Corporate site, brand site, recruiting site, EC site, etc.. We develop and design various sites and web contents from a design. We provide complete support from site operations and analysis feedback.


We will keep an eye on websites and event venues to create more appealing effects for animations and videos. It works in conjunction with key graphics to make it more convincing with a consistent visual image.


We employ numerous exclusive operators that have a thorough knowledge of the minute changes in color resulting from the printing machine or the paper’s characteristics. Realizing the ideal color representation with advanced skills and response capabilities, we are highly rated from the food and apparel industries, which demand high standards.


We are making efforts for greater operational efficiency, including the use of automatic typesetting and digital plate inspection systems. Through the fusion of the operator’s skills and the latest software, we can achieve faster and more accurate data production.


With the acceleration of global business expansion, we also have experience with overseas promotional materials of Japanese companies and promotional materials of foreign companies for expansion in Japan. We propose manufacturing standards that match the language and needs of each country.


We plan, design and produce company booths for events and exhibitions. In addition, we offer a complete solution that is optimal for your purpose and application, such as tools developed in the booth, novelties, displays, and videos.


We produce samples from a design at a low cost by using cutting plotter, which does not need punching. Please make uses of printed materials for prototypes, the consideration for designs such as packages, fixtures and presentation materials.