Pieces together for a timeless quality.

We started in 1959 and have always been changing with the times.

Environmental problems that have surfaced from a growing society with corporate activities is a massive global issue. In order to not partake as part of the problem, we began with an environment-friendly operations at the Haneda Tokyo Plant in 2006, which the operations are "ECO waterless printing". In 2011, we were awarded the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize by being recognized as an environmentally responsible factory at the Haneda Tokyo Plant. We will continue to work as a leading company for environmental printing with a view towards a sustainable future for the environment.
In addition, we have been working on a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) by connecting our facilities that are located in six locations nationwide, to ensure the infrastructure of information and goods will not stop in the event of a disaster. We will put your mind to ease by leaving it to us for your delivery.
And we continue to redefine our creative talent. In addition to graphic design, we have pursued a higher quality and have evolved in the planning direction, product design, and the IT field such as the web. The products we offer will always be a certain quality. Our passion is to enrich everyone's every day life by bringing intrinsic value that does not go out of fashion in any era into products and delivering an impression that does not fade away. By a timeless emotion from the creation to the delivery that's not influenced by the transition of the time valued, not only by designers but by all employees.

We pledge to deliver an everlasting quality that will be timeless for your future.

July 2018

Asami Sano
Shinnihon Printing Inc.